Hardwood Flooring Upgrades for Holiday

When you think about the holidays, most people think about gatherings with family and friends, lavish feasts, and drinks by the fire. If those images are imperfect because of your flooring, then now is the perfect time to upgrade your flooring for the holiday season.

There are many reasons to upgrade floors in the fall that don’t have to do with the holidays. The temperate weather, no summer vacation interruptions, and the relative lull of all of life’s complexities make this season perfect for home improvement.

The holidays add excitement to your flooring upgrade. You may be used to family and friends commenting on the fact that you still have the same carpet, or you need to get your floors refinished. This year, they will compliment your home and feel a little more privileged to be an invitee to such an inviting place. The sense of pride you’ll gain in your ability to masterfully entertain those closest to you will be worth it. See our Gallery of job photos for just a few examples of work we’ve completed!

Flooring Upgrade Options


Hardwood flooring is the most coveted flooring option out of beauty and tradition above anything else. The richness of the wood grains fits the warmth and elegance of holiday décor. Not only that, but hardwood is an investment that can last the lifetime of your home. If you decide to install hardwood this fall, you’ll enjoy it for every holiday spent in the home thereafter.

Engineered Hardwood

Hardwood flooring isn’t for everyone, or everywhere. If you want hardwood but have below grade floors, for example, engineered hardwood will provide the same beauty without the water damage susceptibility. Engineered hardwood is a thinner layer of hardwood placed atop plywood, and the plywood adds strength to the structure of the flooring. This means it can be laid on any type of subfloor or no subfloor, and it can be installed below grade. Engineered hardwood is hardwood with a twist. It may not last the lifetime of the home, as it cannot be refinished as many times because of its thinner hardwood construction, but it is more versatile in other respects.

Upgrade your flooring to LW Floors Hickory Toffee Engineered Hardwood

Luxury Vinyl

The cool thing about flooring these days is that it’s hard to tell what is wood and what isn’t. Luxury vinyl involves a printed image of any surface made into a vinyl flooring that is soft, water resistant, and durable. It is a great option for those looking for hearty floors that dull the sound of footsteps but look like…anything you want including wood!

Commercial and Sports Floor Sanding and Refinishing

Bath Hardwood Flooring are highly skilled and experienced in sanding and refinishing wooden floors in large areas including churches, museums, offices, restaurants, village halls, schools, shops and airports.

hardwood flooring

We are also experts in the specialist field of sanding sports floors,including the use of specialist sports floor lacquers from Bona and Pallmann plus line marking. With years of experience resanding commercial floors and sports floors throughout Bath, Bristol and the Southwest, Interior Harmony should be your first choice.

Bath Hardwood Flooring use the finest dust free sanding equipment on the market from Frank, Lagler, Bona and Festool. We can complete your project on time, on budget and with the lowest possible levels of dust and down time.

Commercial Floor Sanding Job Profile September 2014
Bath Hardwood Floorings dedicated commercial floor sanding team expertly restored the wooden floor in a church in Somerset. Using dust free technology the floor was sanded to a perfect finish using a 5 stage sanding process. finally the Bona Traffic commercial floor finish was applied to provide thye toughest possible wearing service.